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If you can answer YES to the following questions, this website may be just what you are looking for!

  • I don’t understand music theory
  • There isn’t enough time in my practical instrumental lessons to cover everything I need to know
  • I would prefer to learn music theory on my own
  • I would like someone to help me with music theory but I cannot afford  private lessons
  • There are no music theory teachers in my area
  • I would like to write down a song I have composed
  • There is some music I would like to play but I cannot read the notes
  • I would like to work out the chords of a song I heard
  • I sing in a choir and would like to practise at home but cannot read the music

Music Theory from beginner to Grade 5

In this site I will be covering music theory,  taking you step by step through everything you need to know about music notation, note values, naming notes on the staff, key signatures, time signatures, tones and semitones, triads and chords, scales, intervals and compound intervals, rhythms, triplets and quadruplets, performance signs, simple and compound time, transposition and much more!

Music Theory Step by Step

Lessons start from the very outset of learning as a total beginner, moving gradually through the basics of music theory right up to Grade 5, which is the level required by most exam boards for those students wishing to continue taking practical instrumental exams beyond Grade 5.

Music Theory Questions and Answers

Aaaaaargh!  Music theory is so difficult to understand.  I need some help!

Help is at hand!  If you have a question about anything found in the lessons and cannot find the answer in my Questions and Answers area , do please feel free to contact me, Sue Compton, through my Contact Page and I will add your question, plus my response, in the Questions and Answers area of this website